Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pictures from Saint Lucia

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Book Review: Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke

Well if the title doesn't already draw you in, the introduction will:

"We believe that luxury travel is for people with arthritis; backpacking, with an open mind and an empty bank account, is the best way to learn about the world."

 Off Track Planet describes themselves as "an attention whore with a Harvard degree"- and it couldn't be more fitting.

For those who like to travel like I do, it's a must read. It will reaffirm why you have that certain country on the top of your to-travel list. It brings back those crazy memories you had while canyoning in Interlaken. It talks to you, as the reader, as if you are its best friend- recapping the most insane moments abroad that make you feel alive and understand another culture just a little bit better. It's entertaining, well-written, and inappropriate - in a good way.

It has very good travel tips that would be useful to someone who hasn't done a lot of traveling and good reminders to those that have. The book is catered to the young (or young at heart) and wild traveler looking to get out of their comfort zone to expand their world view.

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