Saturday, June 16, 2012

Safeco Field

Great Night at the Ballpark! Giants @ Mariners.

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Snoqualmie Falls

For Father's Day weekend, we decided to take a 40 minute drive out of Seattle to check out Snoqualmie Falls.  The hiking trail is closed, but we were able to check out the falls from two different locations. It's breathtaking! They have also started to improve the hydroelectric, power-generating technology (which I know nothing about), but you can see where they have diverted a part of the river into the side of the mountain and then see where it comes out down below. There is also a gorgeous lodge that has two restaurants, one casual and the other fancier, as well as a full spa and a golf course! This could be a great place for a quick, relaxing weekend getaway!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Macrina Bakery

 It doesn't take long to realize that in Seattle coffee shops and bakeries play a huge role in the culture. However, if you can avoid the Starbucks that are on every corner, the neighborhood bakeries provide the perfect shelter on those rainy weekend mornings.

My first morning in Seattle I made my way to the Macrina Bakery on the top of Queen Anne. I was instantly welcomed by the smell of warm pastries and lattes as I crossed the threshold out of the rain. Definitely a place that you need to experience. I tried the ham and egg brioche my first time in and then a morning bun and biscuit the second time. All of them are exceptional! Makes me want to buy the cookbook so I can bring these flavors back to San Francisco!

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